About Us

Autopsy Tables PAS is an independent entity conceived, developed, and implemented to compensate for the dearth in professional death investigations in the civil court arena. Changes are occurring at a very fast pace in the field of medicolegal death investigation. What was once considered adequate has become a more sophisticated process subject to critical review by the legal system, defendants and the clients we serve. With this in mind, we have constructed a state of the art facility, where all available information relating to a death investigation is assembled to determine why the death occurred.

At PAS particular attention is paid to the collection and handling of physical, photographic, toxicological and microbiologic evidence. By establishing proper chain of custody, subsequent allegations of tampering and contamination are eliminated. In addition to both primary and secondary autopsies, PAS also offers tissue retrieval for toxicology or DNA testing, complete exhumation services, and case evaluation. Our facility is equipped to transport, store, autopsy and release to the funeral home of choice, within 24 hours of receiving proper authorization and fee.


PAS is blessed to have many professional individuals whose contributions combine synergistically to make our services the highest quality available.

We have a plethora of forensic pathologists available to investigate all aspects of your case. Our physicians have many years of experience investigating deaths and subsequently delivering courtroom testimony based on their professional conclusions.

G. Terry Felts, MA has been Administrator / Investigator of PAS since its inception in 1999. Mr. Felts has experience with the Oklahoma City Police Department, 30 years as a private investigator, and eight years as a death investigator in the Oklahoma Medical Examiner System.

Our facility is the most visible expression of our commitment to the families we have served in the past and those who we will serve in the years to come.

Prior to this time, little emphasis was placed on the location where autopsies for the private sector were conducted. Consequently, the medico-legal evidence, body fluids and tissue specimens taken at autopsy were not maintained with the same degree of integrity, security, and professionalism as those used as evidence in criminal cases. Times are changing.